Our Priority

For Superior Service employees, safety is more than one of our core values. Safety is a priority. We are dedicated to creating a safe work environment at our facilities as well as any job site where we do business. As part of this commitment, we not only train and educate our employees, we also comply with all customer safety requirements in addition to our own safety program.

Our Commitment

Company-wide, we believe that safety is the responsibility of everyone, from senior management to each individual employee. We strive for zero accidents every day and in every task we perform. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring that our employees, our customers’ employees, and everyone on our job sites are able to return home safely each day.

2021 Safest 70 Social Image 1

Proud Member of the LWCC Safest 70

Each year LWCC (our workers comp carrier) chooses 70 distinguished companies to receive this award. We received the award in 2022 for the performance year of 2021.

Only 70 companies out of approximately 20,000 companies receive this award.


Our Training Programs

Driven by our total commitment to safety, our employees are trained extensively in – and held accountable for – standardized procedures and processes.

Our employees also receive training through ISNetworld and we utilize National Compliance Management Services (NCMS) to ensure proper drug & alcohol screening of our employees. We are committed to ensuring our employees practice safe work habits in order to eliminate safety hazards and injuries.

At Superior Service, we know that continuing education is an important part of prioritizing safety. Each of our employees are trained in safety measures with an annual full-day safety class. We ensure a top-down commitment to safety through monthly company-wide safety meetings, daily toolbox meetings, and daily the submission of Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms.

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